Peri-menopause Course with Karen

I have developed a course that will help peri-menopausal women — well people who don’t feel well as they move into their 30s, 40s, or early 50s  go from fatigued, irritable and foggy-headed to energetic and focused women so that they can go through this life transition called peri-menopase in a state of wellness and be able to take part in all of the life activities they enjoy.
Do you or someone you know have symptoms that may include fatigue, insomnia, foggy thinking, low sex drive, body changes, bloating and mood changes that have been evaluated by a healthcare practitioner and told all testing completed is normal and are given no answers to address your symptoms? 
If those symptoms sound painfully familiar, I would love the opportunity to speak with you or someone you know about the course and share how I can help you address the symptoms you are having during peri-menopause.
Just click on the link below to schedule a ZOOM call with me!

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